This time I’m making a teapot cozy. If you like the cover, join the fun and make one too. It’s a very easy pattern, just a two row repeat. What do we need?


– Any yarn of your choice, I used some leftover yarn (50 gr.), an acrylic wool blend in 2 colors.
– 3.5 mm. crochet hook
– a teapot, I used a 4 cup teapot
– 2 stitch markers
– a pair of scissors
– a tapestry needle


This pattern is written in US terms.

Terms used/abbreviations

st         stitch
sc        single crochet
dc        double crochet
dc5tog double crochet 5 together
ch2sp  chain 2 space


Measure from handle to spout at the widest part of the teapot. Write this number down. Measure from the top of the teapot along the bottom to the top again and add 2”. Write this number down.

Chain in multiples of 6 until the first length you measured.

Row 1: ch3, 2dc in 3rd ch from the hook. *skip 2 st, sc in the next, skip 2 st, 5 dc in the next*. Repeat between the * until you have 3 st left, skip 2 and 3 dc in the last ch.

Row 2: ch1, turn work, sc in 1st st. *ch2, dc5tog in the next 5 st, ch2, sc in the next st*. Repeat until the end, sc in the top of the ch3 from the previous row to end the row.

Row 3: ch3, turn work, 2 dc in 1st st. *sc in the top of the dc5tog, skip the ch2sp (you never work in these spaces) 5 dc in next sc*. Repeat until the end and end with 3 dc in the last stitch.

Repeat row 2 and 3 until your work is the length you wrote down with the 2nd measurement.

You can make stripes by switching your yarn, do this at the end of a row 3 by finishing the last pull through of the dc with the next color. This way you can make your own variation.

Cut your yarn and bind off.

Place your teapot on the rectangle like you see in the picture.

Under the handle and the spout you fold the cozy against the pot and sew it together so you create a bottom in your work. You can do this by pushing the side against the pot and then fold the 2 sides to the middle like an envelope.

To close the top we make a cord that is 3 times the width of your cozy (the shortest side of the rectangle). You can make a cord by chaining one or braiding one but you can also use the colors you used for the cozy to make an I-cord.

When your cord is done, make a knot at each side and cut the ends short.

Weave the cord through 1” lower than the top. You can choose where you start weaving, if you start in the middle then the bow will be in the middle as well. When you start at the beginning or the end then it will be in the beginning or at the end. I choose to tie it in the middle like you can see in the picture.

Last but not least put in your teapot, fill it with some deliciousness and enjoy your cup of tea!